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Parenting and child custody matters

Making care arrangements for your children after separation is often a highly emotional process. Every family is different and there is no ‘one size fits all’ formula when it comes to parenting arrangements.

Every family is different and there is no ‘one size fits all’ formula when it comes to parenting arrangements.

We support clients to make arrangements that work for their children and serve their best interests, ensuring a satisfactory outcome and reducing the likelihood of future conflicts. 

What parenting arrangements include

There are many things to consider when making parenting arrangements including:

  • Determining arrangements for children to spend time with both parents, taking into account school holidays and special occasions;
  • Establishing which parent will have the final say on the children's schooling and significant medical needs, religious instruction, and other major decisions;
  • Setting up communication arrangements between the children and the parent they are not spending time with;
  • Determining which parent will hold the children’s birth certificates and passports; and
  • Determining where a child may travel;
  • Determining where a child will live or if a child can travel or relocate to a new location with one parent (called a ‘relocation case’); and
  • Issues of paternity.
How we can help 

We assist clients by:

  • Advising them how to put in place appropriate parenting arrangements early in separation. This includes ‘interim’ parenting arrangements, which are short-term arrangements that ensure children are well supported in the initial stages of separation in a way that suits their stage of development and protects them from harm;
  • Helping them to thoroughly understand their options before speaking with their former spouse about parenting arrangements, or attending mediation;
  • Assisting them at mediation or in collaborative practice;
  • Helping them negotiate appropriate arrangements for their children, often dealing with their spouse’s lawyer;
  • Drafting parenting plans and consent orders and helping them formalise binding parenting arrangements; and
  • If necessary, issuing or responding to Court proceedings, advocating strongly for clients, and supporting them throughout the litigation process.

If you have questions about your parenting or child custody arrangements or would like further information, please contact us to arrange a confidential discussion.

Hulse Family Law assisting families with legal parenting matters

Complex parenting cases

We have experience in dealing with each of these issues, as well as significant ‘hands on’ experience representing clients in complex parenting matters involving: 

  • Children with significant medical and additional needs;
  • Applications made by parents to relocate the residence of children within Australia and internationally;
  • Applications by grandparents;
  • Allegations of family violence and risk;
  • Allegations of child abuse, including child sexual abuse;
  • Drug, alcohol and substance abuse issues;
  • Mental health issues.

These cases often require the invention of the Court and the involvement of experts such as clinical psychologists and medical specialists. We work closely with experts of this kind and we guide clients towards the most suitable expert for their case.

Urgent parenting matters

In some situations, it is necessary to make an urgent application to the Court seeking parenting orders.

This may be required if a child has been unexpectedly taken away, or if a child is facing an unacceptable risk of harm.

We can provide fast and pinpointed advice in these matters and are equipped to deal with urgent court applications, should that be needed.

If you require assistance in navigating parenting arrangements, please contact us.


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